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We are

Growth consultancy.

Not an “agency”.

Dedicated to your growth!

The motto is “execution”.

We do

✓ Analytics Consulting

✓ Conversion Optimization

✓ Data Management

✓ Data Monetization

We are not

x SEO Experts

x Paid Specialists

x Developers

x Media Buyers


About us

ommetrics provides growth consultancy for your business. We are not an “agency”. We are a partner who is dedicated to your growth!

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Latest Blog Posts

Google Analytics for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) means a structure that is coded according to specific guidelines and provides users with a faster browsing experience. In this Google-supported structure, if the user makes a query on Google and Google finds an AMP-encoded page for that query, Google will provide the user with the cached page, enabling a faster…

4 Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know And Understand

The purpose of this article is to prevent some errors in reports. Especially when answering questions such as “How many visits have come to the X page?”, it is important for us to not have any problems. Therefore, on the most fundamental basis, we will talk about the definitions of 4 metrics to reveal both…

How to Tell If Mobile Traffic is Wi-Fi or Cellular in Google Analytics

Mobile web traffic grows every day, and it’s not so hard to predict that it’s going to grow even more. Both Google and the website owners are constantly trying to develop themselves related to the increase usage of mobile network. On the basis of these efforts, users have access to content and site functions faster…

What is the Conversion Probability?

Conversion probability is a metric in Google Analytics that shows the probability of users to perform conversions within 30 days after the selected date range. This metric, currently is beta, is a new feature on Google Analytics. You can now access this metric, which can only be used for e-commerce conversions, from your report screen…

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