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What is Session Quality in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics now gives us “Session Quality” metrics. So, what’s this metric?

Session Quality is a metric that is determined by e-commerce conversions first. On the Google help page the metric well explained, I just convey that very nicely:

Analytics calculates Session Quality and Average Session Quality metrics to estimate how close the user is to the conversion. User interaction is evaluated for each session. The proximity to the resulting transformation is expressed as a score between 1 and 100 for each session in a specific date range (1 is the farthest, and 100 is the closest to processing). A value of 0 means that the metric is not calculated for the selected time interval. This metric is calculated individually for each session.

To achieve Session Quality metrics, you can choose Audience > Behavior > Session Quality. You can also use this metric in Custom Reports.

Session Quality Breakdowns by One-Week Data

Some prerequisites are required for this metric to be reflected in your Analytics view. The ability to set up e-commerce monitoring is the minimum 1,000 e-commerce process per month and the required time to model these transactions, i.e. the prerequisite for using this metric for 30 days.

Considerations and Recommendations

  • This metric has been divided into 5 main groups according to the quality bar. It’s possible to break these groups. In this way, narrower segments can be achieved, which provides more detailed analysis and a more detailed marketing opportunity.
  • Although default channels are used as the primary dimension, it is possible to break it. You can analyze your sources, campaigns, or words, or landing pages by this metric.
  • You can analyze the conversion paths created by these users by segmenting the high or low users by  session quality and perform improvements to these paths.

Session Quality has been a metric that will facilitate the work of many Digital Marketing employees and analysts. At least it’s very useful to see directly on Google Analytics without needing a custom metric.

I am an online marketer who focused on web analytics for years. I did lots of GTM and GA setups for big websites in Turkey. Also I made a success story with Google Optimize and it has released on Jan 2018.

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