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What is Calculated Metrics and How to Use It?

Calculated metrics are generally cost-included metrics that users can create privately in Google Analytics. You can use this in your custom reports or in dashboards that you have prepared.

Calculated metrics work seperately for each view. For each view, you can use up to 50 times in Analytics 360, while only 5 are available in Google analytics for free.

If you have previously made a cost transfer, such as in our post Importing Costs for Different Ad Channels, you can apply the following example to calculate the unit cost.

How to Use Calculated Metrics

1-In Google Analytics, you may find “Calculated Metrics” in the “View” field as a beta.

2-We choose the metric type as currency for calculating the cost. The cost includes the costs we have already imported from our existing channels. We would like to calculate the cost per order here.

3-After doing that, we can prepare a report from the custom reports, and we can see the order costs of our sources as follows.

Calculated Metrics provide a lot of convenience by creating metrics that are not readily available in Google Analytics. This is how you can calculate user costs, session costs, and other actions that occur on the site.

I am an online marketer who focused on web analytics for years. I did lots of GTM and GA setups for big websites in Turkey. Also I made a success story with Google Optimize and it has released on Jan 2018.

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