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What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook has logged into the area while ago, perhaps a long time ago, and opened the Facebook Analytics platform to users. This tool, released as Facebook Analytics for Apps, helps us to interpret user behaviors, such as other tools. You can find detailed information about Facebook Analytics on the Facebook Analytics help page.

You can also use Facebook Analytics to set up your apps, as well as for your website. It is also possible to do it with the Facebook Pixel that we all know closely.

If you’re triggering your Facebook pixel as an event in the right places (Thank You page, Basket page, Payment page), you can access much more data with Facebook Analytics. I’m advocating that Facebook analytics shows more accurate data than Google Analytics by demographics, but it does not show which traffic source the user came from, but it will tell us what other Facebook pages our visitors liked. As with Google Analytics, we use the segment feature to interpret metrics here.

In Facebook Analytics, you can create funnels and evaluate behaviors in these funnels. Also, if you prefer, you can also comment on Cohort and Retention with Facebook Analytics. Through Events, you can see the performance of the event steps that you create with pixels on your site.

Facebook Analytics

There is not much data available in Facebook Analytics at this stage, but I doubt it will be more bent on this area. You may be notified of developments related to Facebook Analytics through our site.

I am an online marketer who focused on web analytics for years. I did lots of GTM and GA setups for big websites in Turkey. Also I made a success story with Google Optimize and it has released on Jan 2018.

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